About Us

Building places of worship is important to serve as a base for the believers to congregate and learn their religion and alhamdulillaah, Sydney can boast to contain hundreds of masaajid and centres.
When one looks at the example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu’alayhi wasallam), one can see that his efforts were also directed towards upbringing and developing true men and women, mu’minoon, who deserve to be held in high esteem as the Prophet’s companions (radiallaahu ’anhum). This is done in order to compliment the masaajid and centres that we have which will in turn, serve as beacons of light propagating pure Islamic knowledge. With this in mind, Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah (ASWJ) have decided that it is time to, Build the Believers.

This new initiative is dedicated to funding students in need and sending them overseas to acquire more Islamic knowledge in order to benefit the Muslims in Australia. Why is this project important? We have the answers on page 2 – ‘Why BTB & FAQs’